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, several authorities tell us the gunman is in custody. we don't know anything further about who it is. they believe that person is the sole person involved in the shooting, but they're wondering if others were involved as well, so airport operations has been vastly reduced, lester. >> the president has been briefed on what's happening at the airport. the los angeles police department still the lead agency, but washington watching very carefully because it does involve an international airport where there has been threats in the past. there has been ground transportation in effect. car transportation has been stopped. that's a scene of vehicles stopped outside the airport. we've even seen pictures of people leaving vehicles and making the walk to the airport to get to terminals where they will likely find their flights won't be leaving any time soon as this investigation continues. again, it happened at or near a tsa security checkpoint, pete williams reporting one tsa officer dead, another has been injured and perhaps some other injuries, but the suspect is in custody. we'll continue
for long-term solutions. i just really don't think it's going to happen. there was discussion, what, 20, 30 years ago when the giants were looking at maybe moving that they would play at the coliseum for a little bit. i remember the mayor at the time said he didn't want that. now with candlestick park going away, that's not an option. i think people are saying, well, if they can't play in oakland, where can they play? but i don't think it's going to happen. >> reporter: now, this wouldn't be easy to make happen for a number of reasons, including the fact that both teams have nine home games on the exact same dates. of course, major league baseball has to come up with some sort of schedule. i have calls into the oakland a's this morning but haven't heard back yet. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you very much. it will be interesting. >>> still to come, we'll have an update on the condition of the college student, this guy, who got trapped between two buildings for more than 24 hours. >>> good morning. i'm bob rydell with new discovers announced here in the south bay tha
the gunman who shot and killed himself inside a busy new jersey mall. authorities say they don't believe at this point richard schoop ever intended to hurt anyone except himself. ron allen has the latest from garden state mall. store by store trying to make sure that, in fact, the area is completely safe. the mall is closed for today, and until further notice. police believe it was a single gunman that was responsible. apparently police knew who richard shoop was due to a previous run-in with the law. we're not sure exactly what that involves, but ut bottom line is they still don't know why he did this. he appeared at the mall around 9:20 just ten minutes or so before closing dressed in black, wearing a motorcycle helmet of at least six times. described as a long rifle, something like an ak-47. police say he had the opportunity to shoot and kill people, but he didn't do that. he fired in the air, fired at property, and then retreated deep into the mall somewhere. it took several hours, six hours, before the police found his body. he shot himself in the head, a self-inflicted wound. he wa
grandchildren. i don't have a lot of money to buy each one of them, so they help me a lot. >> what would you do without sacred heart? >> i don't know. i have been coming so many years that i enjoy it. my kids enjoy it. >> more than 2,000 people are expected to sign up. >>> still to come at 11:00 a.m., andy samburg poking fun at uc santa cruz. he is an alumni. we'll let you know what he had to say about it on the tonight show. >> really smart economist that went to school for a long time don't know what to make of today's jobs numbers. we'll take a crack at it coming up. >>> and to boldly go where a handful will be heading to this weekend. i'm bob riddell taking you to the, yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, the star trek convention. that story coming up. >> sweet balloon hat. happy friday. meteorologist christina loren. nice clear sky. the fog has lifted. the rain is on the way. we're going to time out our next storm system to your doorstep when nbc bay area muse at 11:00 comes right back. >>> when it comes to today's jobs numbers, everyone, even our scott mcgrew, told us to ignore it. it
of hand, and my dad get out of hand when they drink. i don't know who startedit. i don't know. >> just want to say, man, he was a good guy. we allot of him. if you did it, please come forward and tur youelf in. >> the suspect'sother tells us police are looking for her son. we have contacted police. they will not confirm this. they won't confirm his identity. reporting live here in san jose, bob riddell, nbc bay area ws. >> thank you, bob. >>> just io our newsroom, a small eartuake has hit the east bay. about 90 minutes ago a 3.4 magnitude earthquake hit near san ramon. take a look this map here. you can see h some have reported feeng the quake as far south fremont. so far, though, no injuries or reportof any damage. for lunch, we have a new recall to tell you about. whole foods announcing a new call stemming from the recent one issued by richmond glass onion catering company. whole foods is recling its wheatberry salad a its sohwest soo-foo sad. both are being ralled as a preventive measure becau they uld be contaminated with e. coli. no the recalled items were sold at tenf the compa
sunshine beaming un . >> yes. sunscreen appropriate for this afteoon. he's something you don see very often. look at all the temperatures. they areearlyniform for all e different microclimates across the bayarea you'll notice here our san francisco camera srting to get a shake to it. those winds are picking up. we'll we're looking for the high here arod 65 degrees, and we're goingo see lot of temperature spraegs throughout the day toda weak disturnce dame through. that's what kked up the nds. we're going toeep our temperatures on the cool side. talk about all the different microclimates for this friday. in the south bay looki good. mode 60s head your way. los gados. san francisco, a little on the cool side in pacific hehts. you'll be at 62 degrs. we'rlooking great in the north 68 for petaluma. east bay, looking nice. 67 degrees. of course, the warmest spot is usually thetri-valley. you too will only end up in the low to mid 60s by ts afternoon. let's talk about what we' headed towards as we get into this weekend. today will be mild. the wi will continue t whip out there. for yo weend, coole
. i don't know. >> no strike. that's just not right. >> we can't fault them on this one. >> i think it stinks. i've had it with bart. >> before 7:30, train service started up again. >> been pretty hectic rsh. >> this morning bart saying they actually fixed the problem by returning the computer to its original configuration. that got things running again. we asked them about the possibility of maybe sabotage against their system, but bart said, month, they don't think so, but they certainly did offer their apologies for all this. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, christie. a tough go for bart lately. thank you. went to know what you think. do you consider bart a reliable commute option? you can vote by texting or calling this number that you see on the screen. it's 408-300-9222. one for yes. two for no. you can also submit your vote on-line on our website, nbc bay we'll have the results of this flash survey tonight during our 6:00 news. >>> right now we have new details from san jose state university where three white students are now su
bat in the car, so i'm ready. i don't know about you guys. >> she is definitely ready. now, police say the woman was taken to a hospital, treated, and released, and she is okay. the college police department says this is an isolated incident. >>> the man accused of taking his son from sunnyvale without permission, leading to the statewide amber alert, appearing in an arizona courtroom this morning. the arraignment was continued, but sde remain in custody, being held now without bond. his mugshot was just sent to us by the pima county sheriff's department. guler was found last night in mexico with his son, henry. police say he got into a fight with the son's mother two days ago and then he abducted the newborn. speaker through an interpreter, the baby's mother tells us she's very grateful. >> i'm really happy, and i'm really thankful for the police and the people that helped me to find my baby. he was really afraid that i wouldn't be able to find him again or see him again. i was really scared. >> very happy finish to a scary, scary day. that baby, we're happy to report, is safe, and no
with the defense attorn outside the court moments ago. >> we have not t seen the discovery, and soe don't know what the defense will be, a i won't be commenting on the defense at this time. what i can s is at he is a 16-year-d, and he is entitled a defee, and whatever defense is appropriate, we will be actively pursuing. >> reporte now, we did not see any mbers of sacha's family in the court tt we recognized, but at sacha'high school in wore skirts inupport ofhe tes teager. so did many teachers as well as the director of the school. saa suffed second and trd degree burns in the attack. actually not the one you heard from there. it will be william dubois. in oakland on friday.urt here reportinlive in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay your news. >>e appreciate the report. thank you ry much. also expected in court this ternoon current 4rs star aldon smith. our investitor unit told us you he i expected to be arraigned on three firearms arges. three semiautomatic rles were he was throwing.ring a party smith is also facing a i chge for a september crash, and he will now fac another judge someti next week.
for more than a month. his wife and son say they don't know if he's received his heart medication more than a month after he was detained by north korean officials. his wife says her husband always had an affinity for korea and did not fear for his safety before he headed out on this trip. she says he sent several postcards back and talked about how the trip was everything he hoped it would be. but about a month ago as he was getting ready to fly back to the bay area, he was detained by north korean officials and has not been heard from since. >> it's been hard. we have a lot of strong support, but it's not -- when you don't know where your husband of 56 years is, you don't know of his health, when he'll be home with us. it's not an easy situation. >> bless her heart. merrill newman was a korean war veteran. he was questioned about his military service before he was taken into custody. >>> well, iran and six world powers this weekend reaching an interim deal over the country's nuclear program. it extends iran gradual and limited sanction relief over six months in exchange for iran's complia
to theirolleagues a the men park police partment. most would beor motorcycle cops since they don't ve dash cams. this would be on a trial basis. if successful, all patrol officers could some day outfitted wi body cams. police are al asking the cit council to replace the dh cams in all 28 squad cars. the current cams, they're seven technology, and they only face forward. the newystem would incoorate four cameras, shooting forward, ck, left, and rit. police want the body cams and updated squad car cams becse they've been pren successful providing evidence. >> any time we have an indepeent record of wt's going on, that's sometng that can be used in court later o as evidence. it's somethinghat can be used for n an internal side if ere's a complnt allegation against an officer. we can investigate that independent record of what happened. it's a goodhing for us. if they are more mindful, knowing they're being recorded, that's absolutely a good thing r everybody. it's good fothe public and good for our cops. >> reporr: the proposal also calls for a dash cam system to be installed into the vehicle of o
or not customersill have to ration their wat u during thesummer. >> whave enough water f this ye, but w don't know about next year until marchr april. >> not time to worry yet? >> we're looking skard and hoping for t rain to fall. >> when yo lookt the lexington reservoir,ealize they do have teneservoirshat combine and ratings more than normally they woul be closer to half full combined the district doesn just rely on its local reservrs. it hasround water supply that's at mid-normal levels and alsohat it touts as a diverse waterupply portfolio. 5% of the water is imported. and there's water that's been banked for any day, o acally a non-rain where i day. the santa clara vley will be withdrawing 45,000 acrerom th storage which will be enough to supply 90,000 households ofater for one year reporting le here at the lexington reservoi bob riddell, msnbc b area news. >> thank you very much. as youaw inbob's live shot right here, lotsf sunshine. no rain yet, but the keyword ere is yet. that's about to change. meteorologist anthony is at the weather wall right now. are you tellinus rain on the way? we've
the building. i don't see any smoke or any flames. i'm not exactly sure what this is related to, but i just want you to be aware that we're aware of it, and right now i don't see anything tremendous happening that would prevent people from standing out front. reporting live in san francisco, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> two stories in one. it's that development that we'll check back with you. in the meantime, new concerns about the safety of those popular ride-sharing services. the action uber is now taking after a driver allegedly assaulted a passenger. >>> all-time he's this morning for google, nasdaq, and san jose state. we'll take a look coming up. >>> sounds promising, but this really isn't. nasty weather hitting the east coast. we'll tell you what, if you're not heading out that way, it could impact your thanksgiving travel plans right here in the bay area. >> plus, we'll take a look at your thanksgiving forecast as well. >> it is popular and hip, but one man says uber is also dangerous. the san francisco bay transportation service is not doing enough, says one man, to monitor a
don't know why that teenager lit the man on fire. this morning support continues growing for sasha fleschman. family members say he suffered second and third degree burns, and they also say fleschman was sleeping on the bus when he was set on fire. so far this website has raised nearly $6,500. >>> detectives, they say, they will not release that surveillance video from inside the bus because it's just too graphic. they say the cameras did catch the attack, and they also showed the suspect getting off the bus and then on to another one to flee the scene. >>> the woman accused of driving drunk when she hit and killed a menlo park couple made her first court appearance. 54-year-old marjorie -- she did not enter a plea. her arraignment was postponed sifrl times because of health issues. the prosecutors say ritzell's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when she struck the couple two weeks ago. the couple was out walking their dog. >> faculty and staff now, unfortunately, start dealing with a major budget problem. they're just finishing holding a campus meeting this m
outside? you probably don't want to have your window out in a lot of places around here. >> now we're done with the rain, so you can let the windows down, let the top back. do what you got to do to enjoy the weather. look at the impressive rainfall amounts. this was the most rain we've seen all year long since back in january, and most looks likes, mount -- mill valley just about 2.5. livermore, off to the east boy and orinda picked up more than that. san francisco just about an inch and a half there. >> clois to an inch of rainfall. this .83, this is the most rain that we've seen since january, but you have to go back to christmas. the day before christmas eve. last year. that's when we got a little over an inch. it has been a long time coming since we needed this rain. skies are clearing. we may still see a stray shower just south of san jose over towards gilroy, holster, san martin and morgan hill. you can see the east bay looking good. skies cleared out. you know, one thing about the rain, after it clears out the atmosphere, the sky actually is a little bit more blue. if you look close
a little bit about why you let it go for so long. people just don't want to let it stop all the way through the month of december, huh? >> i mean, it's the holiday season. we like to do it as close to thanksgiving as possible. that's when everybody is ready, and then, you know, we get the call from the big guy. i don't know if you know this or not, but santa claus's favorite radio station is koit. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's quite an endorsement. >> everybody loves the holiday music. it's amazing, and they love the new stuff. they love the old stuff. it's great. it's the holidays. >> yeah. you know, people love koit. anybody who has been in the bay area for any amount of time knows what a great tradition you guys provide, so, yeah, i'm kind of stepping into your world learning about the radio. i get to do some weather out here. otherwise, you know, i wonder whatted is your favorite christmas song, and on that note i'm going to send it back to you. >> oh, i love brenda lee, the classic. you know? >> you know, it might sound strange. one of my favorites is the peanuts christmas. the theme song. >
still do atever you want. - that right, i do. but you don't. so have fun while yocan. be spontaneous. yoknow, stop being youelf. so h- i'm spontaneous.n. for instance, i arted talking before i had an example of h[farting sound]s.
sports hall of fame inducting in a new class, and i don't think they use eye color as part of their entry requirements. >> maybe they should. among the honores at tonight's galla at s.a. pmplt center, stanford's women's basketball coach she won two national titles with the cardinals. other inductes include all american quarterback and former 49er frankie albert. soccer star paul child who played in 1974, and high school baseball coach gary cunningham. he coached san jose's bellerman college prep team for 21 seasons, winning more than 500 games. congratulations to all of them. >> monumental congrats. hats off. >>> well, coming up on the 11:00 a.m. show, how about trick shots gone wild? >> ow. >> and very, very wrong. this one has gone viral. making you want to say chi chi. >> oh. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing con
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